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Ages for Admission

Crèche: One and two year olds.
Nursery One: About three years old.
Registration for the crèche and nursery normally commences in January each year. The child’s birth certificate and the record of immunization on the weighing card will be checked.
Admission to other classes is only possible if a vacancy exists, as they are usually full. Children are normally admitted into all classes except JSS 3 and SS 3. All children will be required to take an entrance examination. The manager is in charge of admissions and reserves the right to admit a child or otherwise without any explanation. A registration and admission fee plus the first term fees are payable as soon as a child is offered a place in the school. Fees once paid are not refundable.

Names of the biological parents must be written on the admission form and a parent or the guardian must sign the form. Signature on the admission form implies that all the rules and regulations of the school have been read and understood. Parents and guardians will thus be expected to comply.

Cumulative Records Booklet (C.R.B)

The school needs the booklet from the former school of pupils admitted to Primary and JSS. Apart from those starting from class one during the first term, parents/guardians must obtain it from the child’s former school for submission to the headmistress.
Parents/guardians of pupils promoted from class one must purchase a cumulative record booklet for the child/ward and also provide current personal and family details for their child’s C.R.B.

School report booklet

All new pupils/students are required to buy a school report booklet from the school’s bookshop.

School Hours

Crèche 7:30 am – 4:00 pm
(Children must be collected by 4:30 p.m.)
Nursery to Class 6 7:30 am – 3:20 pm
JSS 1 - 3 7:30 am – 3:20 pm
SSS1 - 3 7:30 am – 4:00 pm

Hair Styles

All pupils must have neat hairstyles. Girls’ hairs should be short or plaited in a simple style. Parents should note that permed hair, jelly curls, corn rolls, dyed hair, straightening, attachments, ribbons and hair decorations are not allowed. Boys ‘punk’ hairstyles are also not allowed.

Medium of Instruction

The children are taught in English. Children admitted to ‘Preparatory’ and upwards must be able to speak and understand English sufficiently as to enable them to be taught in English. All pupils in Classes 1 to JSS 3 are also taught French and Twi.

Stationery and Books

Pencils, pens, erasers, exercise books, etc are available at the school’s bookshop at reduced prices. It is essential that each child has the correct number of exercise books including those for French and Twi, in order to benefit fully from the tuition and also have all their work assessed.
Many of their marks are entered on the Continuous Assessment Form and later transferred to their own Cumulative Record Booklets and also their school report booklets.


It is essential that parents and guardians ensure that their children do their homework regularly and at home. Not only is this an important supplement to their class work, but also some of the marks are recorded and added to their continuous assessment. Children should have a suitable place at which to work and have sufficient free time to do their homework. Parents are requested to take interest in what their children are learning at school. Any difficulties can be discussed with the class teacher and the Headmistress is also available for consultation at any time.

Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE)

Students are prepared for this examination, which is taken at the end of J.S.S. 3 only. The penalty for students who manoeuvre to write the exam in either form 1 or form 2 is cancellation of exam papers by WAEC.

Absence from School

Parents are expected to inform the school if a child is absent due to sickness or bereavement, etc.. fess, however, are still payable even if a child is absent. If a child has been absent for two weeks (10 days) without explanation, then it would be assumed that the child had been withdrawn from the school.
Crèche and nursery 1 and 2 pupils must be taken to their classrooms each morning and collected from there promptly at closing time. The identity card must be shown for pupils in crèche and Nursery 1.
Pupils in classes 3-6 are expected to be in school by 7:30 am to help tidy up their classrooms and compound. JSS students must be in school by 7:00 am.


All fees are to be paid at the bank. No fees will be accepted on the school premises. Parents and guardians are to note that all payments should bear the Child's name and class. After payment, parents are kindly requested to present the bank slip to the school for official receipt to be issued.

Fees of new entrants are to be paid in full before or on the day of admission. Fees for all others must be paid in full before school re-opens or during the first two weeks of re-opening. At worst, management will expect that all fees be paid in full before midterms. Parents must ensure that they have receipts to all monies paid.
A child whose fees have not been paid in full will not be allowed in school after the midterm break and will not take the examination.


Crèche/Nursery/Kindergarten/Primary 1-3
Girls wear simple pink, sleeveless dress with a white rounded collar, while boys wear pink shirt and royal blue shorts. Boys and girls are to wear white socks.
Crèche children must bring additional clothing for change each day. Crèche and nursery pupils must bring face cloth, hand towel, cup and a handkerchief

Basic 4 - 6
Girls wear royal blue dresses with pink collars, pink belts and white socks, while boys wear pink shirts, blue shorts with blue/black socks.

Basic 7-9 (JSS 1 - 3)
Girls wear blue dresses with blue sleeves (pink piping), pink collars (with blue piping), blue belts and white socks, while boys wear pink shirts, blue shorts and blue/black socks.
All pupils are to have a DEKS badge sewn onto the left breast of their shirt or dress. All pupils are expected to come to school neatly dressed. Any torn clothes should be mended immediately.

Leather shoes or sandals must be polished. Decent footwear must be worn. On Fridays, pupils are to wear the DEKS anniversary attire.

P. E. Uniformm
DEKS school sports wear only should be worn. It is on sale at the school’s bookshop.

Friday Wear
This is the school’s anniversary attire. It is on sale at the school’s bookshop.

Sick children

Pupils who are not well must be taken to a clinic or hospital and not sent to school. A sick child cannot learn but cause a great deal of inconvenience to the school because he or she has to be taken home or to hospital in the final analysis.


If your child does something, which results in an injury to another, you will be expected to pay the medical expenses incurred by the school or the child’s parent.
Permission to leave school before closing
Pupils are not allowed to leave the school premise once they arrive without permission from the office. Parents, who want their children to attend a clinic during school hours or leave early because of a journey, should send a note of explanation or collect the child themselves.


Parents should give a term’s notice if a child is to be withdrawn. In all cases the manager should be informed in writing of pupil’s withdrawal. The cumulative records booklets of any pupil from class one upwards must be collected and taken to the pupil’s new school. These can usually be issued without any delay if there are no outstanding school fees.

Temporary withdrawals

If a parent wants a firm guarantee that a place will still be available at a later date after being transferred from Tema, or when the child returns from overseas, this may be given after payment of fees for the period of absence or retention fee.

Telephone numbers

Please keep us informed of your current telephone numbers (home and workplace) in case you need to be contacted during school hours.

Change of address or family details

Parents/guardians should notify the school if a pupil’s place or residence is changed or if there is a change of guardianship. They are also to notify the school if they change their occupation or get a higher qualification. Parents who are going abroad and leaving their children here should see the headmistress before they travel.

Documents and reports

Documents and reports of pupils/students must be kept in files or any other safe places at home. Please, keep the records of your child’s admission and withdrawal.

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