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Exchange Programs

DEKS participates in exchange programmes with other schools. We accept invitations from other institutions around the world who will want some of our students and groups to undertake exchange programs with them. Students and pupils usually travel to participate in various international programmes.

The school also usually welcomes people and students of all nationalities who will want to undertake exchange programs and voluntary services with us.

Life Link
Life link Model United Nations is a real life imitation of the General pupils into the General assembly and UN Security Council, or other multilateral bodies. It sends pupils into the world of diplomacy and negotiation.

The Model UN process asks pupils to step into the shoes of an ambassador of a UN member state to debate current issues on the United Nation's vast agenda. For the past eight years, Deks students have won seats as delegates of member states of the UN to enable them travel to the USA to participate in the program. In 2010, six students as well as a teacher attended the UN Cconference  in New York and Washington during the months of April and May. In Mav 2011, a teacher and six students attended the conference. One of our students won the award for best position paper.

Connecting Classrooms
This is an exchange program sponsored by the British Council which exists among three schools in Tema, including DEKs Educational Institute. These three schools have three partner schools in the UK and South Africa. The aims and objectives of the programme are to encourage pupils and students to share ideas and also have the opportunity to travel to the countries of partner schools to have a first hand experience of the teaching and learning situation in those schools. So far, some students and teachers have had the opportunity of travelling to Sweden, the UK, and South Africa. Efforts  are underway to extend the to programme to the US and Canada.

Exchange Programme with a School in Germany
Deks has also started collaborating with a school in Germany. This collaboration is being championed by Ghana Wildlife Society and Environmental Clubs in Germany.

Antrim Grammar (Northern Ireland) Partnership
Deks Educational Institute has managed to establish another solid foundation for partnership with a prominent sister school, Antrim Grammar School in Northern Ireland. The basic objective of the partnership is to create avenues which will help both teachers students academically, socially and culturally through a well designed regular exchange programme. It is being sponsored by the British Council.
As a start, two teachers of Antrim Grammar came to Deks in December 2010 to hold initial discussions with us. They were very fruitful and promising. The headmistress, Mrs. Sonia Yakung and Mr. Fidelis Odum a JHS teacher had their turn from June 11th to 18th, 2011 in Northern Ireland. Their 8-day stay in Antrim Grammar took them through several  activities with wide range of experiences. Highlights of the activities included:

  1. Visits to the Island Lough Neagh: Queen's University, Parliament House, Titanic Museum and the zoo etc.
  2. An impressive Geography lesson (on Ghana) delivered by Mr. Fidelis Odum (to their geography students)
  3. Very important session with the Mayor of the city.
  4. Interactions with members of their teaching staff

Another opportunity will enable three teachers to be there for a week and then, a teacher and three students of Deks will also have their turn before the end of next academic year.

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Winners of the West African International Governance and Leadership Awards for Leading Private School in West Africa - 2015

Winners of the Head of State Award for Best Academic Excellence in the JHS Category - 2015


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