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DEKS Montessori

Deks believes that between 50% to 60% of the child's mental intelligence has been developed by the age of four. By this age, children acquire a remarkable ability to learn from their environment. Dr. Marian Montessori recognized this receptive mind of children to learn in freedom hence she developed this unique method of teaching children. In line with this, Deks has adopted this Montessori concept. This allows a child to In line with satisfy his curiosity in his surroundings and so develop an interests and abilities which quite naturally will shape their thoughts and aspirations in later life.


With this new concept of teaching, Deks has developed a Montessori system of learning whose basic goals are subdivided into three conceptual categories: spiritual, intellectual and social. The spiritual aspect aims at getting the pupils to strive towards the high moral standards of showing love and concern for all. Intellectually, the programme seeks to develop each child's creative potential to the fullest. Our focus is to guide the children through an academic curriculum that will provide them the necessary skills to function as a contributing member of society in a safe and secure atmosphere that balances work and fun to ultimately make them enjoy learning and crave for knowledge. Socially, we mould the children to interact with each other with courtesy, graciousness and co-operation rather than competition. Our goal is to foster in the children an understanding that the way to achieve peace and justice in the world is through co-operation, sharing and caring. The classroom is stocked with a large amount of learning materials to give the children a great sense of self reliance and independence whilst creating or developing skills with the materials.


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Winners of the West African International Governance and Leadership Awards for Leading Private School in West Africa - 2015

Winners of the Head of State Award for Best Academic Excellence in the JHS Category - 2015


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